Do you ever want to get together with other people from other organizations working in communications, marketing, and public affairs? Joining ACI opens up a nationwide network of these professionals that share successes and challenges with each other; we bounce ideas off other members and share real-world stories of natural resource communications. We also recognize and reward each other when an outstanding job is performed.

How to join ACI

Good News! Our dues are reasonable. You don’t have to mortgage your house or even sell your mother-in-law! No physical exams are required if you act quickly.

Annual dues for member agencies or organizations are $200 (U.S. or Canadian currency). Non-voting, Associate Memberships are available at $50 per year for agencies or organizations. For those engaged in conservation information and education, an annual Individual membership is available for $25. Sponsor Memberships are $500 per year, Supporting Memberships are $250, and Sustaining Memberships are $100.

ACI offers its members many benefits, the most important of which is the opportunity to network with other conservation communicators and educators across the country.

Pay Annual Dues

You can make annual dues payments:

by sending a check to:
Judy Stokes Weber, ACI Treasurer
1085 Lake Rd
Panton, VT 05491

For membership information or an application, download the ACI Brochure (PDF).
Icon of 2018 ACI Brochure 2018 ACI Brochure (746.6 KiB)

Policy and Procedure 7: Relief from Membership Dues

Purpose: Allow agencies or potential member agencies as defined in the Articles of Incorporation, Article 7a, to either maintain their membership and involvement or become new members despite circumstances that do not allow them to pay dues.

Procedure: Any member agency or potential member agency may submit a request to the ACI president for relief from annual dues by sending their request on official agency/organization letterhead, signed by the division chief or equivalent. The president shall forward the request to the board of directors as an item to be voted on by the board. Until such time as the board acts on a request, the agency submitting the request shall remain or become a member in good standing with all member benefits. If granted, relief shall be for a one-year period. There will be no restrictions on the number of subsequent years member agencies or potential member agencies may petition for relief but they must submit a new request each year. (Effective July 2008.)

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