This code, when adopted by members of the Association for Conservation Information, Inc., is designed to promote and maintain high standards of public service and conduct, so that membership in the Association for Conservation Information, Inc., will be deemed a badge of ethical conduct; that the natural resource public relations profession may be justly regarded as a profession; that the public may have increased confidence in the integrity and endeavors of each member; and that each member’s programs in all their function may best serve the public interest.

Code of Ethics:

1. Members have a duty of fair dealing, one toward the other, to their publics and to the profession.

2. Members shall conduct their private and professional lives in accord with publicly accepted standards.

3. Members have the duty of adhering to the accepted standards of accuracy, truth and good taste.

4. Members shall recognize the right to individual dignity and sense of worth as the intended heritage of all people and that all people should be persuaded rather than told.

5. Members shall recognize that the truth and all the truth about their agency’s operations is far more favorable than the usual rumor, and the public education programs concerning natural resource management are a positive responsibility of the public relations functions.

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