State Agency Members

Sponsor Members



“Non-map” Agency Members

  • Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies
  • Council to Advance Hunting & the Shooting Sports
  • Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Westervelt Ecological Services 

Most member agencies are involved in the full range of public information and education activities, three of which are paramount: news releases, printed publications and electronic media. Newer focal areas of our work include video, social media, apps and data management.

Historically, one of the most important functions of member agencies is magazine publication. Most member agencies publish high-quality, full-color wildlife conservation, parks or natural resource magazines.

Production is now taking on an increased emphasis. Many member agencies are deeply involved in the production of television and radio public service announcements, television programs, video productions, films and multi-image sound and slide presentations.

Audio-visual sections also shoot still photographs for use in agency publications — including high-quality images for magazines — and prepare exhibits for fairs and other public events. Audio-visuals also support active speakers’ bureaus among member agencies.

Many member agencies work closely with public schools preparing teacher guidance courses and other natural resource or wildlife material useful in public education. Some member agencies also conduct extensive teacher workshops on conservation education. Project WILD and Aquatic WILD are important components of many of these educational activities.

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